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Frustrated at not achieving your sales targets and want to know how to close more clients? Well, your sales life is about to change…for the better!

Don’t want to be the “pushy salesman” but still want to succeed in sales? Download my guide to knocking your sales targets out of the park!

How a small-town girl became the CEO of her own multi-cultural leading sales firm

No-one is born a brilliant seller. I definitely wasn’t. We all have to learn what it takes to close more deals. The frustrating part is the execution – HOW do I do it? My purpose is helping you with this challenge, and in doing so, make you view selling in a totally different light.

I went from being a complete rookie to leading the sales team for an FTSE-listed multinational and founding my own company. I am living proof that all you need to do is use the same techniques I used as well, and they can and will change your results – no matter what your current sales skills are abilities are right now.

So how did this girl end up as the CEO of her own multi-cultural sales firm and a celebrated international speaker?

“Thanks to the DISC Mastery training with Michelle, our sales have increased by 391%! Yes…the number is correct, and the team has achieved its sales target for the first time in several years.”

Angelica Jarl

Sales & Business Development Director, Healthcare, Seniors & Education,

Achieve Success Beyond Your Expectations

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Be sought after sales talent that your organisation is desperate to retain

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How Can I Help You?

Without clients, you don’t have a business, and to get clients you need to be good at selling. My job is to make you the best sales version of yourself.

“Michelle is one of the most deeply knowledgeable and effective sales experts I’ve ever met. Her passion for gamifying the sales process and making it fun is enhanced by the thoughtfulness and universality of her methodology. Michelle is no doubt positioning herself as a global guru in sales training, and her services are an easy investment decision to make in any industry.”

Dr. Corrie Block

Business Strategist, Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, and CEO of
Paragon Consulting

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You're in Good Hands

How can I demonstrate to you that you are in good hands with me in a quest to improve your sales performance?

I have been in sales all my life, starting at the very bottom of the sales pile and worked my way up to Executive Leadership – experiencing highs and lows, I know that journey inside out

By all selling the same way, in one year my team and I improved our sales closing average from 14% to 65% – that is huge in sales whatever currency you operate in – and my sales process can do the same for you

I was the number one seller for a FTSE top 50 company on two different continents and won CEO awards for Superior Performance

After winning a group private healthcare deal worth $50m, I asked the client why he hired us and he replied, “It was the process you followed that stood out – you truly understood what it was we were looking for.”

I personally sold the same contracts twice, for three different clients, when working for two different companies using this sales process – how many others have achieved that?

It doesn't matter what your current sales skills or abilities are right now.

I’m going to reveal things to you that can and will change your sales results for the better. If it happened to me, it can definitely happen for you!

Rave Reviews

You will never be a successful seller if your company can’t back up and effectively deliver what you have promised the client.