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Hi, I'm Michelle

From a Small-town Girl to CEO

Did you ever want to be an achiever and be famous however, had no clue what it would be and how you would get there? Well that was me.

I was a small-town girl with big time dreams, born in a mining town in northern Zimbabwe, I spent my formative years growing up and living in a village surrounded by forests in the mountains in an African Kingdom, called Swaziland.

How did this girl end up as the CEO of a leading multi-cultural sales firm, celebrated international author and speaker? Read on to find out…

After finishing my schooling, I was unsure what direction my professional career would take and so I decided to enroll in a college and graduated with a secretarial diploma. A month after graduating I landed my first role and entered the job market as a conveyancing secretary for a large family owned real estate company. I knew that while I had character and was passionate about working with people and learning new things, this was not my calling. As it turns out, my job was pretty repetitive and almost as boring as watching paint dry.

I yearned for the proverbial “bigger and better” and it showed up when fortune came my way and I was offered a PR and marketing role, which I threw myself into. This role released the creative and “wild like” girl in me and provided me with opportunities to finally have fun while doing my job.

I guess the “bird had to fly from the nest”

Soon, I was approached to apply for a PR Manager’s role with a large national food service organization and as luck would have it, I landed the job.
It was a great experience as I entered a totally new world in a much larger organization and most importantly the experienced first “politics” of the corporate world. I had to support and work with the then sales and operations teams, yet transitioning into a sales role one day was the furthest thing from my mind – I was simply having too much fun where I was!

Two years later our Regional Sales Manager resigned, and the CEO of our region approached me to apply for the job. You know when your boss asks you something especially around a career promotion – very rarely do we say no in the corporate world. I remember feeling excited but honestly TERRIFIED.

Flying by the Seat of my Pants – Navigated by my Gut

As the newly appointed Regional Sales Manager no one handed me a user manual on how to do the job – the facts were I had zero prior sales experience or any proven track record, let alone experience in leading a sales team – BUT what I did have was a huge amount of determination and enthusiasm!

Soon I realized, I was energized when dealing with people with different characters and cultures and intrigued by how I could become their “emotional twin” so that I could really understand what makes them tick.

This prompted the wolves to close in on their prey…

As I transitioned into the role the wolves (i.e a few senior members of the organization) came out of the woods to prey on my vulnerability and lack of sales experience and as a result made my work life extremely challenging.

Reflecting back, we did have some sales success for sure, but in truth I was struggling, I never achieved my sales targets, and only once hit the team target and was spending more time in internal management meetings than in front of the clients, which really frustrated me.

The company was great on marketing but not great on sales training, with no real common sales language or effective sales process to follow. I was selling purely on my instinctive sales skills.

I was miserable and became increasingly demotivated and felt like a caged animal. Then I woke up one day and a loud voice inside my head spoke out and said to me “You can’t do this anymore…

Let’s Draw Swords and Let the Games Begin…

I had never put my CV out on the job market, but as fate would have it, two weeks after that voice in my head rang out, a head hunter called me saying our biggest global competitor wanted to meet with me.

I bagged the job and became a sales manager for two regions, fully charged up and ready for success in a new chapter of my career.

The biggest game changer for me that ignited my sales performance and skills, was that it was mandatory for all new sellers to be trained and I remember being flown to London for this training, which changed my life.

From here on, it was swinging higher and higher from strength to strength.

As I became the top national seller and went on to win other CEO and Support Service Awards, I got a call asking me to join the team as a development director based in Dubai. This small-town girl from Africa, was finally starting to make her mark on the global sales stage.

Moving to Dubai was the best thing I ever did for my career. Building on my sales process, I landed a $15 million deal, the first and largest contract the company had ever gained in Dubai. I realised my dream of seven years to attend my first global leadership conference in the USA, and made strong global ties with several talented leaders.

I always knew that through my own sales successes and struggles, that I had a lot to offer to through teaching, empowering and inspiring others to achieve and be more successful in their sales careers and make more money for themselves. I wanted to be my own boss, and so The SMG Group was born to serve the bigger purpose for me in my sales journey: helping businesses and their teams improve their sales results – extract the pain of non-performance – and live a happier life.


Without clients you don’t have a business and to get clients you need to be good at selling.

About Sales is Fun

How can I demonstrate to you that you are in good hands with me in a quest to improve your sales performance?

  • I have been in sales all my life, starting at the very bottom of the sales pile and worked my way up – experiencing highs and lows, I know that journey inside out
  • By all selling the same way, in one year my team and I improved our sales closing average from 14% to 65% – that is huge in sales whatever currency you operate in – and this sales process can do the same for you
  • I was the number one seller for a FTSE top 30 company in two different countries
  • After winning a group private healthcare deal worth $10m, I asked the client why he hired us and he replied, “It was the process you followed that stood out – you truly understood what it was we were looking for”.
  • I personally sold the same contracts twice, when working for two different companies using this sales process – how many others have achieved that?

No matter what your current sales skills or abilities are right now, my book is going to reveal things to you that can and will change your sales results for the better – if it happened to me, it can definitely happen for you!

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