Michelle Strydom

From Humble Beginnings to Massive Global Success

I was a small-town girl with big-time dreams. Born in a mining town in northern Zimbabwe, I spent my formative years growing up and living in a village surrounded by forests in the mountains, in an African Kingdom called Swaziland.

I wasn't always sure what direction my professional career would take.

I just knew that I had character and was passionate about working with people and learning new things. My first jobs were as a conveyancing secretary for a large family-owned real estate company, and in PR and marketing. While I knew these were not my calling, they provided the opportunities to have fun while doing my job. Later, as a PR Manager with a large national food service organization, I was exposed to the world of corporate politics and supporting a sales and operations team. Transitioning into a sales role one day was the furthest thing from my mind – I was simply having too much fun where I was!

Two years later, I was a newly-minted regional sales manager. I was excited, but TERRIFIED.

With determination and enthusiasm, I was energized when dealing with people with different characters and cultures. I knew how to tap into their unique “behaviour style” so that I could really understand what makes them tick. But no one handed me a user manual on how to do the job. I had zero prior sales experience or any proven track record, let alone experience in leading a sales team. I did have success, but a few senior members of the organization preyed on my vulnerability and made my life extremely challenging. I didn't get to spend enough time with clients, didn't hit targets, and felt increasingly demotivated.

As fate would have it, even though I'd never put out my CV, a headhunter called me saying our biggest global competitor wanted to meet.

I bagged the job and became a Regional Sales Manager for an independent African country and two major provinces within South Africa, fully charged up and ready for success in a new chapter of my career. The biggest game changer for me that ignited my sales performance and skills was that it was mandatory for all new sellers to be trained. I remember being flown to London for this training, which changed my life. From here on, I went from strength to strength. I became the top national seller and went on to win other CEO and Support Service Awards. I was asked to join the team as a Development Director in Dubai. This small-town girl from Africa was starting to make her mark!

I always knew that through my own sales successes and struggles, that I had a lot to offer to through teaching, empowering and inspiring others. And so, The SMG Group was born.

Moving to Dubai was the best thing I ever did for my career. Building on my sales process, I landed a $15 million deal, the first and largest contract the company had ever gained in Dubai. I realised my dream of seven years to attend my first global leadership conference in the USA, and made strong global ties with several talented leaders.

Reflecting on the challenges and successes I had in my career thus far, I knew that I had a lot to offer to through teaching, empowering and inspiring others to achieve and be more successful in their own sales careers, and to make more money for themselves. I wanted to be my own boss, and so The SMG Group was born to serve the bigger purpose for me in my sales journey: helping businesses and their teams improve their sales results – extract the pain of non-performance – and live a happier life.

The SMG Group has had phenomenal success on the global level.

With multi-cultural global sales teams at executive level for over eight years, The SMG Group has helped clients get outstanding results in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America continents.

The SMG Group helps clients with intimate knowledge of the business challenges and personal fears they all experience at the coalface on a daily basis.

Very few trainers have actually sat in the trainee’s chair. Having occupied that position for more than two decades, I understand better than most the hard-nose reality of what sellers, sales leaders and executives face daily in a highly competitive, fast-moving, price-sensitive global environment.

While showing others how selling can be fun has always been a priority in my programs, I have renewed my efforts to spreading the philosophy with my Sales is Fun™ brand.

Today, I continue to help people implement our award-winning programs and enjoy sales success on a massive, global scale.

Why Choose Us?

Frustrated with not hitting your sales targets? Want to know how you can smash your targets and have fun at the same time? Here’s why you should work with us.

Measurable Success

We have the experience and the methodology to help you achieve your business goals. Maximise your sales team investment through measurable, tangible results.

Bespoke Training Solutions

The SMG Group is not an all volume-based training company that trains anything and everything. We customise solutions to deliver a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Extensive Experience

With a successful corporate career behind her that spans over 20 years in leadership, sales and client retention, Michelle has had phenomenal sales results.

Tried and Tested Programs

Our value is based on delivering tried, tested and TRUSTED systems and programmes that help companies maximise human potential whilst unlocking shareholder value.

The Best Talent

We ensure that the best talent is delivering optimum results for your organization. We don't settle for second-best!

Dedicated to Results

Solutions to sales problems are easy – defining the problem is the real skill. From training seminars that deliver immediate impact to cultivating relationships that span decades, we’re dedicated to producing results.

Believe. Learn. Become.

Personalised training solutions that deliver a measurable impact to your bottom line.