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“Question…how do you choose a book on improving your sales skills and maximising your potential from the hundreds of covers on the shelves? Answer…you find the one written by Michelle Strydom, settle back into a comfy chair and prepare yourself for the fully immersive experience!

Michelle’s inimitable style will open up an array of insights into who we are and why we behave the way we do, parceled up with numerous real life, often hilarious anecdotes and stories that are not only guaranteed to make you laugh but I’m sure will help you understand how to improve your sales performance.”

– Paul Haslam
Bauporte Gulf Building Materials Trading L.L.C.

No-one is born a brilliant seller. I definitely wasn’t. We all have to learn what it takes to close more deals. The frustrating part is the execution – HOW do I do it? I wrote this book with the sole purpose of helping you with this challenge, and to view selling in a different light. In it, I share my unique “Sales is Fun” approach, a simple, practical, and highly effective 8-step process that will take you from greeting the client to cinching that deal.

How am I sure it will work? At the start of my career, I was far from getting into anything related to sales and knew absolutely nothing about selling. By applying the techniques I reveal in my book, I went from being a complete rookie to leading the sales team for an FTSE-listed multinational and founding my own company. I am living proof that all you need to do is use the same techniques as well, and they can and will change your results – no matter what your current sales skills are abilities are right now.




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Why Should You Read Sales Is Fun?

This book is for you if you want to…

get that promotion within your own company

Be sought after sales talent that your organisation is desperate to retain

Make your your competitors desperate to hire you


Increase your commission earnings or gain that end of year bonus

Enjoy spoiling your family to your dream holiday destinations

Accelerate the growth of your own business

Sales Is Fun is now available at all global leading retailers in print and ebook format. Grab your copy today!

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About the Author

A global sales expert destined to sell, lead and coach.

With a sales career spanning over 20 years, Michelle Strydom, the founder of The SMG Group, is a brilliant and accomplished sales and business leader with an impeccable pedigree, who’s mastered and honed her discipline at the coalface, as the head of multiple global sales and retention teams.

Whilst most will say sales is difficult – Michelle will disagree – this is a profession that you not only can thrive in but have fun whilst you reap the rewards of sales success. Having had zero understanding of what sales is all about she went on to become a top seller and Sales Leader on two continents. With over 20 years in this profession, she now trains CEO’s, Business Owners, Sales Leaders and Sales Managers a highly effective and practical 8-Step “Sales is Fun” process.

Her captivating energy, experience and passion for sales has entertained clients from all corners of the world. Michelle’s zest for life is “unquenchable” and she touches the hearts, spirts and minds of all who come her way. When she is not selling or dancing – she has been called “the cat whisperer”.


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