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When a client wants what you are selling – there are no prizes for coming 2nd – 1st place gains the deal.

Do you want to know how to beat your competitors hands-down and still retain your existing clients? Well, you have come to the right place! When working with our valued clients, we become an extension of your team, and engage with purpose to satisfy your key business priorities.

We know how to improve your sales results through a tried and tested process that is practical in application to your business in accelerating your sales performance.

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In your current sales approach, are you playing to win or just to participate?

I don’t want to change who you are – I will just give you the roadmap and tools to make you the most effective sales version of who you are and help improve your sales results. Find the right service for you below.

Sales is Fun Training

Our signature, highly effective process that gets your client wanting to work with you from your very first engagement.

We combine our global sales best practices with highly effective sales strategies that incorporate the power of selling with emotional intelligence.

What you will achieve

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DISC Mastery Training

Do you know if your behavioural style is helping or hurting your sales performance? Know your DISC behavioural style: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

"People buy from people they like and trust" and are comfortable working with people who are like them. Know your style and adapt it to that of your client where necessary. Capitalize on the strengths of your behavioural style and adapt to your clients’.

What you will achieve

"I found using the DISC method of evaluating the client very powerful not just in trying to win new business, but also in retaining and upselling."
Lyla Dalal AlRawi
Founder & Director,
Fruitful Day

Growth Leadership Training

A program designed for C-suite leaders to help them develop and embed a growth mindset that drives improved results from their teams.

Developing a common growth language and a proactive sales approach that delivers improved growth results and leaves the competitors behind.

What you will achieve

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What Leaders Say About Us

When you work with us, you can expect to achieve results!

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The Art of Negotiating Program

Our unique negotiating program that helps you get in much better negotiating shape, for when your clients ask you for discounts. Growing your business by being the lowest priced competitor is not a sustainable strategy.

We'll show you how to respond to these questions.

What you will achieve

"An amazing level of preparation went into this session, I really felt like Michelle knew our company very well."
Sarah Economides
Operations Manager,
Engage Me

Sales Leadership Training

As Sales Leaders, your teams won’t do what you tell them to do – but will do “what you do.”

This SVP program will not only improve a Sales Leader's own performance, but these valuable skills will be translated to the VP’s and Sales Managers/Executives who report to them, in support of improving their business’ sales and retention results.

What you will achieve

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"Michelle is an enthusiastic and energetic presenter who is invested in the success of the participants. I’ll definitely be implementing the new techniques I’ve learnt today!'
Kimi Sokhi
Regional Health & Wellbeing Manager,
AXA Gulf
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The Art of Cross Selling

A highly effective program that focuses on how you gain more from your existing clients as a further growth lever to your business.

What you will achieve

"You can’t get enough of Michelle – the program has been an eye opener."
Katia Pastro
Commercial Director,
Bauporte Gulf

Sales Consulting and Coaching

We support and help you gain sales opportunities.

From live sales opportunities you are trying to secure in your business today, to customised sales and growth-related training programs that address and assist in resolving your key business priorities.

What you will achieve

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Professional Qualifications

Whole Brain Selling Certified Trainer

TTI Success Insights® Certified Behavioural, Motivators & EQ Analyst

Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach – GolemanEI