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I’ve been the keynote speaker at Leadership Forums, Global Network Groups, appeared on Dubai Eye Radio and at various Business Councils events. Book me to speak at your next event!

5 Reasons to Hand Me the Microphone

The common words that keep coming in from my audiences that have experienced me in action are – entertaining, inspiring, energetic, engaging – “you don’t realise how much time passes, such is her ability to emotionally GRIP an audience in her hand.”

All of my clients sit at a C-suite level and like working directly with me as I speak their language, and understand their pressures of delivering shareholder value. I know what it takes to deliver ROI – which is exactly what a CEO buys.

When meeting planners work with me, they know they are getting something special, because I go beyond the call of duty in terms of my preparation and planning to ensure that their clients get far more value than they anticipated – and the meeting planners will get full credit for that!

I was born to motivate and inspire others and have been performing to audiences all my life! My approach is simplistic and practical so that my audiences never struggle to get the key “take-away” messages and leave pumped up!

I am a firm advocate of working and supporting women accelerate their own professional performance. Despite the recent progress, roughly 8% of all Fortune 500 companies are led by women. Having sat on a leadership board for 8 years as the only female surrounded by males, I know what it takes to succeed in male-dominated professional environment.

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Live at Etisalat Hub: Top 5 Guide to Getting Ahead in Business Podcast

Women Talent Connect

2018 International Women Entrepreneur Show

Ellevate International Women’s Network Event

Biztalk 2019

Most In Demand Talks

 Knowing Your Own Value

Unlocking the value that you truly possess but you just don’t know HOW to use it and WHAT you need to do, to improve your sales results.

 Maximising Your Sales Success

How to maximise the use of your time and have clear visibility of what a proactive sales approach looks and feels like, to help you close more clients and consistently improve your sales results.

 Is Your Personality Helping or Hurting Your Sales Success?

You cannot just be yourself when engaging with your client for the first time – if you do – you will be right only 25% of the time. How to ensure the way you act and behave accelerates your sales results not loses you contracts!

My Speaker Bio

The “Go to Sales Girl” who serves with love and purpose so you live a happier life

Michelle has over 20 years of successful sales performance and corporate experience. Her achievement of being the number one seller on two different continents for a FTSE Top 50 organisation and having successfully led sales teams around the world helping them improve their sales closing average from 14% to over 65%, has inspired her to share her experiences and journey with you through the “Sales is Fun” sales process.

She has 10 years of leadership experience and is a passionate advocate in helping business leaders and their teams accelerate the growth of their business.

She is also a certified Behavioural, Motivators and EQ Analyst with TTI Success Insights.

Michelle is also proud to be associated with Daniel Goleman’s global organization, Goleman EI (Emotional Intelligence) and was chosen one of fifty people globally to be part of the first Cohort in the Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification. She is now a certified Goleman EI Coach.

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