Michelle Strydom


What people are saying about working with Michelle

Praise from Clients

Amos Group Limited Team - Kamila

“Michelle is so natural…I love it. I learned a lot that I will use in my job. I think I will feel this forever. Michelle understands every single person sitting in front of her.”

Amos Group Limited Team - Steve, Jason, & Nicolas

“Michelle’s an excellent trainer….understanding the emotional side of the DISC concept was my biggest takeaway. You get to know yourself better with DISC profiling. It gave us structure for when we meet our client.”

Amos Group Limited Team - Darren, Sean, & James

“Michelle was excellent…so positive. Fantastic to see we’ve got a great structured way of approaching our customers, and maximising closing as many sales as possible. I really like the way Michelle has engaged all our customers. It’s been very energetic, very helpful, and very fruitful.”

Amos Group Limited Team - Garry, Arshad, & Makalu

“Michelle is an excellent, personable trainer. She keeps everyone engaged. I cannot speak more highly of her…I wish this training was done a couple of years ago – I could have been a better salesperson by now!”

Amos Group Limited Team - Peter, Neil, & Praveen

“Michelle knows exactly how to interact with us. I’ve got such a high regard for her. She is absolutely fantastic…the sales techniques she teaches will help us close more deals. She’s done a wonderful job.”

Bauporte Gulf - Paul Haslam

“We didn’t expect to be challenged and to see the different way to approach people. I’m confident we’re going to be using everything we picked up today in everything we do. We’re definitely building on what Michelle has given us!”

Praise for Workshops

EO Accelerator DISC Workshop - Manish Bhagnari, Shahab Ahmed General Trading

“It my first time attending DISC Mastery….it was a good experience! Great insights from Michelle. I’m looking forward to attending the workshop!”

EO Accelerator DISC Workshop - Manu Mahdi, Organic and Real Foodstuff Trading

“The best part I’ve realised is why I was having an issue with certain personalities. I always thought it was my problem or theirs. I really understood how to adapt my communication style to match theirs! I’m looking forward to learning more about it and getting my team to do the DISC analysis.”

EO Accelerator DISC Workshop - Dennie Wallace, Wallace & Co.

“I thought I knew more about sales and psychology before I came in. Leaving here, I feel like I’ve gained a LOT of information about how to approach a lot of clients. I highly recommend this course for business owners and their staff so sales teams are fully armed going into meetings.”

DISC Mastery Workshop - Deepa

“Today’s workshop was an immense eye-opener. It gave me a lot of self-awareness. Michelle as a trainer has been really powerful. It was very interactive and I’d suggest all organisations hiring salespeople to go for this. It was a lovely experience!”

DISC Mastery Workshop - Naomi

“Michelle’s workshop was very insightful…an eye-opener that’s allowed me to manage different clients that I work with on a daily basis and accommodate their different personalities. Michelle definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and help me understand everything on a higher level.”

DISC Mastery Workshop - Naveen

“I recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues. The DISC program is the perfect answer to all your questions. I learned a lot of new things and my approach from today will be completely different from what it was yesterday. Michelle has been great and really helpful, with a lot of key insights we’re sure to put into practice.”

DISC Mastery Workshop - Rajesh

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Michelle. She is a valuable and wonderful trainer. One of the many takeaways we had were the tools to tackle our customers better.”

DISC Mastery Workshop - Rijiana

“The training was awesome. This is not just training to capture or grow your sales – it stretches from a workplace perspective, to dealing with your team members, to any layer of society that matters to you. I will definitely look into bringing more of my team members for this.”

DISC Mastery Workshop - (Name Goes Here)

“The program was structured perfectly. It was smooth, the information was conveyed well, and Michelle was friendly and delivered the message right!”

Sales Workshop - Siama & Audrey

“Incredibly fascinating! I learned how to structure the sales process I’ve been following all my life. Michelle is a phenomenal trainer. She’s lively, warm, and welcoming. She’s got that groove going on! It’s NOT a dull program and you’ll get all the value you need out of this.

Sales Workshop - Audrey, Azif and Genevieve

“My company learned so many valuable skills that it blew our minds…we didn’t expect it. Michelle is an engaging, informative speaker. The workshop was fun and exciting…it was very different from what I had done in the past. I really recommend having this experience with Michelle!”

Sales Workshop - Indu

“Michelle’s process was extremely intuitive. I loved the fact that we could break it down and reconsider the steps that we haven’t done properly. Michelle has been a great motivator. With her experience, this is a great journey that we can begin!”

Sales Workshop - Arshi

“You have to attend Michelle’s workshop to experience the great value Michelle provides. Whether you’re a newbie in business, or have been in business for a long time, it’s a must-attend for everyone.”

Sales Workshop - Farida & Jack

“Her passion and delivery makes such a difference. It’s underpinned with such concrete expertise from decades from being in the thick of it with sales were extremely valuable to me. The processes she introduced were enlightening. I look forward to attending more of her workshops!”

Sales Workshop - Emma & Rami

“Really understood how we could meet the needs of the client and and tune into their needs as an individual and the organization as a whole. I’ve come away with a wealth of ideas to implement immediately. What I really appreciated was that not only did she know her sales stuff inside-out but it felt like half a day went in a few seconds.”

3-Day Sales Workshop with Business Leaders

“I’ve been in the industry for many many years and done lots of training and workshops, but this was something that was very very different. I’ve found a lot of exceptional ideas I can use from day 1. Michelle has high-energy, keeps you engaged at all times, and is really there to add value. I assure you this is the best training you will attend in your life!

Sales Workshop - Jaya, Sohail, & Johanna

“I found Michelle very well-prepared, with detailed examples for all the attendees. She’s very approachable and you feel it when you attend her workshop…I’m impressed. I walk away with massive know-how, specifically in areas such as DISC that have not been known to me.”

Sales Workshop - Arron, Salim, & Jari

“It was an amazing experience. I’d recommend any corporates out there to get in touch with Michelle…I recommend her to any executives, decision makers, and those meeting big clients – they NEED to understand this!”

3-Day Sales Workshop with AMOS Group Limited

“Michelle’s been a great trainer. Very energetic, very engaged with lots of life. It’s been a fun-packed 3 days…Michelle brought a great amount of energy, clarity, and consistency. I honestly believe this is going to help us.”

3-Day Sales Workshop with EMS Fitness Factory

“We learned a lot…my team is more motivated and able to close deals. I have closed 6 deals last week observing the personality of a person through DISC. It’s an awesome experience!”

Sales Workshop - May 2019

“I never knew about the DISC approach. I’m so privileged to have learned. Michelle is a wonderful trainer. After having attended so many sales trainings, Michelle really stood out. A big, big AHA-effect for me!”

Sales Workshop - Yolanda & Others

“It was a shocking eye-opener…so many takeaways. I go back smarter and eager to learn more. Strongly recommend to attend the workshop and see for yourself the value that will unfold.”

Sales Workshop - Mohamad Abou Laban, CEO, Deyaar FM

“I can assure you that this workshop will add tremendous value to any entrepreneur or salesperson. I’ve never looked at sales through this approach…believe me, Michelle’s workshop is not about your typical ‘bookish’ sales techniques.”

Sales Workshop

“If you want to know your clients from the very first meeting, I recommend you attend this program. Really really eye-opening information. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Michelle in the future.”

2 Day Seminar - Wesam Wehbeh

“I’ve known Michelle for years and she was superb as usual. Just fantastic. My takeaway was [how to] re-evolve, rethink, and regenerate…it was a great refresher.”

Praise For Keynotes

International Women Entrepreneur Show 2018

“Michelle is a force of nature. Her contribution to the panel discussion shows her professionalism and depth of her experience…she had the room energized. She has an amazing energy and command on what to say.”

Women Talent Connect

“I have learned so many things I can walk out with today and start applying tomorrow. Michelle is very dynamic and very dynamic, and very easy to listen to and learn from. I look forward to attending more events in the future…2 hours went by and it felt like 10 minutes!”

Dubai Business Breakfast

“I’m very intrigued by the DISC method – it’s a very useful tool in today’s world! Michelle was very engaging and came across very well to the crowd. People will certainly be leaving wanting more…Michelle was very organized, easy to understand, and her info was very easy to remember.”

More Praise for Michelle

DISC Mastery Training Program

“Thanks to the DISC Mastery training with Michelle, our sales have increased by 391%! Yes…the number is correct, and the team has achieved its sales target for the first time in several years.”
Angelica Jarl
Sales & Business Development Director,
Healthcare, Seniors & Education,

Overall Rating: Excellent

Developing and enhancing customer services is a continuous process and we were honoured to have Michelle Strydom to introduce the DISC Mastery Program to our leadership team and providing us with very valuable content.
Rayhan Aleem
Managing Partner, Alpha Pro Partners

Overall Rating: Excellent

It was very informative, and interesting to listen to and learn from. Will definitely change the way to deal with clients and affect all my relationships with clients.
Aya Yehia
Operations Executive, Alpha Pro Partners

Overall Rating: Excellent

This training program is an eye opener for me. In the past, I was really having a hard time dealing with this specific client, and every week after our catch up, I found myself exhausted even though we only spoke for about 30 minutes. I now found out the reason and that is he is a high D, which is the behaviour where I am lacking. With this acknowledgement, along with your cheat sheet of do's and don'ts, I am now confident on how to deal with him.
Monica Solares
Accounting Supervisor, Alpha Pro Partners

Overall Rating: Excellent

The quote that stood out for me is the African Proverb: "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together." We can really relate to this one as a team.
Gene Kelly
Senior Accountant, Alpha Pro Partners

Overall Rating: Excellent

We should know how to when and how each person in professional/personal life by which DISC style they are so you can know how to approach, interact or communicate with them. "We should always be better today than yesterday."
Frenchezka Gedang
Accountant, Alpha Pro Partners

Overall Rating: Excellent


Michelle designed a specific virtual training program to ignite our growth in the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle challenged our growth mindset to behave differently in this new virtual world, with humility and a lot of energy. We have all learned a lot with concrete business cases and best-practice sharing.
Bruno Vaquette
CEO, Healthcare, Seniors & Education Europe Continental
Chief Growth Officer, Healthcare & Seniors Worldwide, SODEXO
Michelle is a consummate sales professional whose deep sales knowledge and coaching ability makes her a great partner for our sales leaders and teams. She brings demonstrable value to our teams and it has been a pleasure working with her.
Bill Buchan
Global SVP, Human Resources
Michelle is highly engaging and motivating. Her considerable experience and professionalism ensure that she is comfortable engaging staff at all levels of an organisation, particularly the C-Suite.
Brett Smyth
Engage Me, Middle East
A very resourceful and enthusiastic person! Michelle is a perfect match that allows her to excel and adapt in every challenging situation...she has perfectly organized her DISC assessment tool to fully understand the personality of each of our sellers and was able to tailor-make a development program that enables each one to excel in their area and become a fundamental team member, and a contributor to our future growth.
Rachid Noujeim
Sodexo, Middle-East
Michelle demonstrates a tremendous industry knowledge. She has a deep understanding of what triggers success thanks to her vast and systematic analysis of behaviors, and her ability to articulate them very accurately to a team or leadership group to create a winning dynamic. Michelle’s technical knowledge associated with her charisma and leadership skills enable her to position quickly and smoothly herself in any environment.
Damien Sangu
HR Director,
SODEXO Africa & Middle-East
Michelle’s knowledge and expertise makes her training sessions rich with content! She is organized, purposeful, and introduces tactics that can be quickly applied to real life situations. She has an effective way of keeping the audience engaged, even when covering more technical topics and larger audiences virtually.
Zeta Smith
Michelle is one of the most dynamic and authentic practitioners of Emotional Intelligence I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. She combines her expertise in Sales and her insight into the importance of connecting with each other at the level of our emotional needs and expectations to provide us with practical strategies for how we can connect to each other and ourselves.
S. Michele Nevarez
Chief Executive Officer,
Michelle was a true professional to partner with us on our sales training webinar to all our global clients. We had a fantastic turnout with over 400 attendees from 40 countries and Michelle did a brilliant job of keeping them engaged. Given the way our webinar was set up – they couldn’t see her and she couldn’t them! The audience feedback was extremely positive, and we had our highest ever attentiveness engagement rating of 87%.
Jon Ede
Regional Director,
Michael Page Middle-East
My key takeaway from our Leadership Program with Michelle is how I can push and motivate my sales team to be more effective in order to achieve their targets. Michelle was a very good presenter and facilitator – it is truly a WOW experience. It is honestly one of the few workshops that I enjoyed not wasting but spending my time, so thank you Michelle.
Hassene Ben Thabet
General Manager,
Sodexo UAE
The Leadership Program I attended with Michelle was superb as usual, it was fantastic. My key takeaways from it were to evolve, rethink and regenerate how we are going about winning new prospects.
Wesam Wehbe
General Manager,
TAG Holding, Kuwait
The content and the Leadership Program itself were perfect; well designed for an Executive level. The session was light, motivating and Michelle certainly is a great saleswoman who knows how to get the best out of people.
Yousri Habib
General Manager,
Sodexo Soucat, Oman
In Michelle’s sales workshop the DISC part was amazing the way she explained it. A key foundation to closing sales deals.
Rami Suleiman
Director of Operations,
GCC Services
Incredibly fascinating! I learned how to structure the sales process, and the techniques in persuasion and influencing that we need to embed in our sales. Michelle is phenomenal. She’s lively, warm, and welcoming. She’s got that groove going on!"
Dr. Siama Qadar
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist
Michelle is a master of her coaching craft. She is a natural motivator and authentically connects with her clients. She is truly a role model in the area of establishing rapport and authentic connection with clients. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is seeking greater clarity, purpose and support in becoming the idealised version of themselves.
Bri Flynn
Leadership Development Leader,
Fortune 100 Org.
Until I came across Michelle, I would never have equated Sales with Fun! Thank you, Michelle for changing the way I think about sales and my entire approach to selling. The ‘practice’ and ‘technique’ Michelle lays out gave me invaluable tools to refine the way I sell, to make it more effective more of the time, and ultimately the freedom to really enjoy the process.
Emma Carbery
Chief People Officer,
The Interaction Design Foundation
Michelle brings amazing energy, clarity, and consistency. I honestly believe her advice is going to help our business take our message to our customers across the globe.
James Parsons
Chief Operating Officer,
AMOS International
Game changing to see how a different approach can be more effective.
Paul Haslam
Bauporte Gulf
You can’t get enough of her – the program has been an eye opener.
Katia Pastro
Commercial Director,
Bauporte Gulf

Business Owners & Specialists

Michelle’s sales training program was a real eye-opener. Very insightful, interesting and relevant. Delivered by a most entertaining, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. Well done and thank you Michelle.
Ernest Hosking
Founder & CEO,
Titan Management Consultants
The sales session with Michelle was a shocking eye-opener. You think you know it all, that you've solved your life, but I learned today that I have more to learn.
Yolanda Mariotti
Co-founder & Managing Partner,
Swissly Property Management & Maintenance
I loved everything about Michelle’s sales workshop from her exciting entrance to the close. Michelle is fun, engaging but also very knowledgeable about her topic. She gave many real-life examples and sales tips and techniques to use immediately – while still leaving you hungry for more!
Corina Zanner-Entwistle
Founder & Owner,
Executive Mind Solutions
Michelle as a trainer is totally awesome. She totally rocked this event. So what I learnt from today’s session was how to deal with Corporates in the best way possible where I get the sale that I want instead of being pushed down on price.
Gloria Halim
Consulting Chief & Wellness Officer,
Gloria Halim Wellness
Michelle just blew our minds - we didn't expect it! The sales workshop from Michelle was fantastic. My company learnt so many valuable sales skills, it just blew our minds - we just didn’t expect it! Everything from sales communication techniques, to how to truly connect with purpose with our clients. It was amazing. Michelle is engaging, informative speaker whose sales workshop was fun and exciting.
Audrey Hametner
The Bedrock Program and The Hametner Group
I loved the passion and concrete expertise that characterised Michelle’s sales workshop. A lot of fascinating and useful insights that I look forward to putting into practice TODAY!
Farida Gilmore
Michelle's training is for anyone that wants to soar at sales, grow their business and thrive at every opportunity. Having the honor of working with Michelle and experiencing her sales success firsthand. I give credence to her process. It is easy, entertaining, and full of wisdom.
Kirsty Dare
Customer Experience Specialist (Ms K)
Michelle’s sales knowledge is immense, and she delivers her training programs with such a positive energy and natural sympathy that she immediately inspires and motivates people around her. I can definitely say that she’s one of the most talented sales coaches and trainers I have ever met and I would recommend Michelle to anyone pursuing sales excellence for themselves or their organisation.
Bruno Vacciano
Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach, Trainer and Founder,
Emotional Strategies®
Michelle’s Sales is Fun drives home the point that it is NOT too good to be true! She has given depth to a precious idea that is tried, tested and works. If you are serious and passionate about sales then here is a proven remedy filled with excitement and challenge to relieve you of the fear and pressure of missing your sales targets.
Shailaja Khan
HR Consultant and Executive Coach
Witty and fun, Michelle is everything you wouldn't expect to come across in a salesperson who means business. She is full of actionable tips and concepts backed by a solid theoretical framework. I've definitely had my perception of sales altered and can't wait to start using what I learnt from her.
Vinita Bhatia
Founder and CEO
Michelle is highly experienced and full of great insights. Approachable with specific and tailored answers to your unique sales situations. Brilliant workshop.
Jaya Maru
Co-founder & CEO, Middle East,
Michelle’s sales workshop was an eye opener. Succinct, relevant and logical, it already has an edge over other similar workshops but Michelle’s ersonalized approach in her examples to each participant’s businesses – that is what makes a good workshop GREAT!
Naheed Chowdhry
Iwill Global Consulting
Michelle is the most personable trainer that I have come across so far in my life. Her sales training and process is world-class and extremely effective.
Sophia Bhatti
Wealth Management Expert
The energy that Michelle’s sales workshop has is absolutely spectacular. She speaks from experience which makes a big difference as a trainer.
Sohail Pedari
Pedari Coaching
Michelle offers a refreshing approach to “learning and living” sales for both prospective new sellers as well as those that are currently in the industry ensuring you can also enjoy, whilst being effective along the way.
Craig Goddard
Business Owner,
Surefire Packaging Solutions
I now have the confidence that sales is a skill that is in my comfort zone! Michelle is gifted at breaking the process down so logically, you can’t forget it.
Bina Matthews
Bina Matthews Consulting
An amazing level of preparation went into this session, I really felt like Michelle knew our company very well.
Sarah Economides
Operations Manager,
Engage Me
Michelle is an enthusiastic and energetic presenter who is invested in the success of the participants. I’ll definitely be implementing the new techniques I’ve learnt today!
Kimi Sokhi
Regional Health & Wellbeing Manager,
AXA Gulf
This was the best sales session I have ever attended. Everything and all the sales information shared was extremely useful.
Saleha Surti
Women Talent Connect & The Coachlink
Thank you for a great sales workshop. I am impressed how much time you spent getting to know us and personalising the sales program and experience.
Marie-Christine Luijckx
Founder & Managing Partner,
Fruitful Day
What stood out in our training program was Michelle’s extensive experience and how she shared herself and her stories to make this learning so relatable to our business.
Allison Wicks
Regional Corporate Wellness Manager,
Eye-opening and very rich in content with the most insightful and energetic facilitator and presenter!
Sedef Gunsur
Capital Markets Specialist
It was a great sales workshop and presented in a very simple and understandable style. I loved Michelle’s many statements shared: ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable’ and the ‘First sale is to yourself.’
Arshi Takhtani
Legends Accounting Services

Sales Leaders

Michelle takes pride in being a seller first before being a leader and sales coach. She is a hardworking sales veteran with an exceptional sales instinct and passion. She will always be there to help you before you ask and will make sure to celebrate your success when you close a sales deal! The process Michelle teaches is simple and it actually works.
Ammar Georges
Senior Director of Franchise Development,
MTY Group
Michelle is one of the best public speakers I have come across in my career. She makes it look effortless every time. Her dedicated time and effort to perfect her craft, taught me how to succeed in sales.
Nabil Ghobrial
Head of Sales,
Royal Food Services
Michelle is a consummate professional, passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her craft and she has a great sense of humour that makes working with her a joy and pleasure!
Meryl Christabel Pillay
Business Development Director
Michelle is a great Team Leader full of enthusiasm and positive energy. Her ‘Sales is Fun’ program is really FUN! I had a concern about the lack of physical interaction as a group online, but Michelle literally shocked me as her Online Sales Training style succeeded in making the sessions Informative, Fun, Challenging and very Interactive. A 5-star+ online sales training experience!
Saad Nasser
Head of Sales,
Tayseer Services Company, Qatar
Michelle is a phenomenal lady with a wealth of sales experience – a world-class sales trainer who is energetic and engaging.
Jack Steele-Green
Global Sales & Marketing Manager,
GCC Services, Middle East
Michelle, I have no doubt you are as charismatic, insightful and inspiring in the Zoom landscape as you are in person. You are one of the best in sales I’ve seen and benefitted from.
Johanna Moyano
Director of Business Development,
Rocketship Media Lab
By including real life examples and her excellent presentation skills, Michelle’s sales workshop will surely add unique and immense value to my sales results moving forward.
Ameya Hate
Head of Sales,
Ista Middle East
Michelle has been a wonderful, wonderful mentor to me. She resonates with me, understands where I'm coming from and the sales pains we have when we visit our clients, and she is able to adapt and understand my situation.
Masrina Khaled
Head of Sales
AMOS Singapore

Sales Professionals

Incredible!! Michelle’s preparation and sharp memory to relate all her sales learnings to everyone’s sales discussions were so impressive.
Manjeet Sahota
Business Development Manager,
GCC Services
The implementation of her highly effective sales process and particularly DISC will allow me to achieve a higher success rate on closing more deals!
Arron Bowen
Sales Manager,
Accuro Specialist Support Services
I found using the DISC method of evaluating client very powerful not just in trying to win new business, but also in retaining and upselling.
Lyla Rani
Fruitful Day
Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm captivated us from the minute the sales workshop started. Her experience, knowledge and expertise kept us engaged and hungry to learn more and apply what we learned immediately.
Rachelle Roesler
Solutions Sales Manager,
Seidor MENA
My key takeaways from this excellent sales workshop were to really understand DISC, make sure I research in the early stages of my sales cycle, create pain by asking questions and through my own emotional intelligence be mindful how my emotions can impact my sales performance.
Sachin Sehgal
Sales Manager,
Ista Middle East
Michelle is a really good sales trainer and extremely motivating and excellent in her sales skills and knowledge – highly recommendable.
Vishnu Venugopal
Sales Engineer,
Learning DISC from Michelle was a wonderful tool that will change my life.
Sunil Kumar
Sales Consultant,